D4874—Remote Foot Switch With Deadman Switch


D4874 Foot Switch with Operator Present Switch A foot-operated fail-safe for added safety when working with machinery. The D4874 Foot Switch is great for use with machines that need turned on and off frequently such as scroll saws, flex shaft grinders, drill presses, and many other applications. This switch includes an operator present on-off safety feature that supplies power to your machine as long as you hold the pedal down with your foot. As soon as you release your foot, the power is cut off. This type of switch is used as a fail-safe for added safety so your machine can’t be left on when you walk away. A running, unsupervised machine is dangerous. This switch assures your work environment remains safe. The D4874 will work with any 110V/120V woodworking or metalworking machines up to 15 amps. The switch comes equipped with a heavy-duty six foot long, 3-prong power cord. Woodstock International, Inc. warrants the D4874 against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service for a period of two years.

California Proposition 65 Warning