D4871—4" Dust Collection Kit #4


Keep your shop cleaner and thereby safer with this 4" Dust Collection Accessories Kit. The two wide opening dust hoods are ideal for woodturning and other applications that expel significant amounts of uncontrolled wood chips and dust. Thread a quick connect coupler to one end of the 4" flex hose, choose the hood to fit the job and then insert the coupler. Hook the other end onto your 4" dust collection system using clamps (not included) or the 2nd coupler where permissible. The semi-rigid hose helps to keep it in place, but the kit works best when paired up with hose hangers or a dust collection stand / attachment. Includes: One 4" rigid flex plastic hose expandable to 36", two quick connect couplers, one 4" to 4" x 10" floor sweep, one 4" to 12" x 15" dust hood

California Proposition 65 Warning