D4031—Mortising Attachment Kit For Drill Presses


Includes cast-iron chisel holder and fence, hold down assembly, quill alignment pin, four chisels (1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2"), three 2-piece bushings, three split bushings, and carrying case. Bushing sizes include: 2.945" OD x 2.600" ID, 2.600" OD x 2.366" ID, 2.366" OD x 2.170" ID, 2.600" OD x 2.000" ID, 2.600" OD x 1.880" ID and 2.600" OD x 1.570" ID. Just match your drill press quill diameter to the nearest ID bushing dimension. Chisels have 3/4" outer diameter.

California Proposition 65 Warning