Shop Fox

Since being introduced at the beginning of the century, Woodstock International’s SHOP FOX® machinery line has steadily developed into one of the top brands of woodworking and metalworking equipment in the Americas. The broad selection of SHOP FOX® machines includes table saws, jointers, planers wood and metal bandsaws, shapers, wood and metal lathes, sanders, dust collectors, mills, drill presses, and several types of specialized machinery for the commercial or DIY workshop.

With thousands of machines in use daily, SHOP FOX® has earned the reputation for excellent quality and for providing wood and metalworkers with the best value in stationary and benchtop equipment. Along with equipment, when you own a SHOP FOX® machine or workshop accessory, you can feel confident that it can be counted on for accuracy and reliability, and will be a useful tool to help you produce many satisfying projects.

The SHOP FOX® brand is supported by over 25 years of proven customer service and we are committed to making SHOP FOX® the number one choice for woodworking and metalworking professionals and enthusiasts.It’s what you need for your shop!